Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Guy With the Roaming Eye

I know if quite a few guys who just cannot keep their eyes to themselves when they come across any attractive woman passing them by. My thinking is this is quite normal amongst single guys keeping a lookout for a suitable potential partner.

What I find funny though is seeing a guy with his girlfriend (or wife) at his side who then sneaks a peak at another gorgeous lady passing by and he gets caught in the act by his partner. It is then the partner’s reaction I like to keep a close eye on (and I can only hope this does not come across as me watching another man’s lady while he is watching another lady).

In some cases the girlfriend or wife just pretend they haven’t noticed his ogling the goodies of another woman. In other cases the woman makes him very aware that she has caught him in the act, but for the sake of not making a public spectacle of herself she would then “get him” at a more private location… I’m sure each and every guy probably experienced this at least once or twice in his lifetime (unless he’s…. well you figure it out).

Then there are the two rare occasions where either the buy does not sneak a peak, but blatantly breaks his neck to catch a glimpse and his partner just doesn’t mind and the guy who has his partner actually tells him to have a look at the butt of another woman and the two of them then share opinions on what they think of that one walking by. This actually happened to me...

What I find classic though is the girl who sneaks a peak at another guy passing by and her partner is totally unaware of this. Wonder what his reaction would be if he caught her in the act… and how she would with all success talk herself out of it and somehow making it his fault.

What category do you think you would fall under and ladies how do you react when you catch your man in the act? Or are you the girl who actually does the peaking?


  1. I'm usually the girl who points out the hot girl to her hubby. Then we can both oogle without being offended

  2. Ah ha! You are definitely one of a kind... and not "Daft" at all but indeed the kind of Scotts Lass I would be checking out myself should you pass me by.

  3. i think its fine for men to take a sneak peak, but???...dont get upset if your lady leaks her eyes out aswell?...afterall its a two way thing you know. what yu can do ?, i can do too.

  4. @ Anonymous... it is apparent that you are a female who also enjoys checking out other guys, but your male partner is not quite absolutely aware of this... right?

    So if my assumption is correct, you would then through "gender equality" into your defence argument should he ever catch you out?

  5. Its okay if he looks cuz chances are I already saw what he is looking at. There is, as you mentioned, a difference in glancing and flat out staring. We're all human. We're all going to look. Its just a matter of having consideration for the person you are with.